Women senior management representation  

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Women senior management representation  

September 18, 2023

Women hold just a small percentage of senior management positions in Japan, one of the world’s wealthiest economies, despite their accomplishments in business, education and the community. There is also a lack of women in government and parliament, contributing to the slow pace of policy change. Mari Kogiso, Co-Founder of SDG impact Japan, and Junko Yoda, Sweef Capital Country Advisor, say Japan has a chronic women problem, but […]

Empowering women entrepreneurs: to drive economic growth and community resilience

September 12, 2023

Women business ownership – Indicator 1 Women entrepreneurs are significant contributors to economic growth and community resilience, yet they still face fundamental barriers in growing their businesses. Change is happening – but too slowly, say Sweef Capital’s Head of Impact Measurement and Management, Brianna Losoya-Evora, and Nicole Denholder, the Hong Kong-based Founder of Next Chapter Ventures. […]

New series to explore how gender-smart strategies build resilience, opportunity and inclusion

September 06, 2023

Sweef Capital has launched a new Insight Series exploring different facets of empowering women and the dividends in terms of greater resilience, opportunity and inclusion. In this Spotlight on Resilience overview, we explore women’s role as critical agents in driving change and building resilience at multiple levels. The article highlights the work of gender lens […]