Our overarching investment thesis is that high growth impact opportunities deliver competitive risk-adjusted returns and improve peoples’ lives in ways that benefit our region.

Sweef Capital systematically targets opportunities that respond to underserved markets and challenges in our region. That drives our focus in sectors such as healthcare, education, food systems and consumer goods and climate resilience which represent key areas of unmet need for access to goods and services and align with one or more of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We identify enterprises with significant growth potential where impact is integral to the way that the company is led and operated and its value chains. Our active post-investment support contributes to strategic and operational performance including through targeted improvements in sustainability and diversity.

Investing In Diversity

Our strategies focus on diversity and gender equality as drivers of value that deliver strong returns to our investors and improve lives and livelihoods of women and communities in Southeast Asia.

Sweef Capital employs data driven strategies to unlock the economic power of women and value-creation potential of our investments. Our industry leading approach creates a multiplier effect improving sustainable livelihoods, promoting quality education, creating decent work, fostering good health, and increasing economic growth. Our cross cutting focus on sustainability, diversity and quality work highlights areas where social and environmental challenges and unmet needs present strong investment opportunities. This enables us to engage actively with portfolio enterprises and other stakeholders to drive value creation, mitigate risk and achieve greater reach into areas of unmet need and potential of women, girls, and other under-represented groups.

Return on impact

We are industry leaders taking an active role in developing impact frameworks, management systems and benchmarks to ground our approach to investment, impact management and benchmarking.

Our investment team live and work locally in the countries in which the firm operates; we have strong proprietary networks and deep understanding of the sustainability context of Southeast Asia principally as well as other markets we have been operating in throughout our careers. Rigorous, agile, effective governance is core to our approach. It enables us to embed our strategic commitment to deliver excellent returns and positive impacts that are sustainable and remain responsive to the context and markets in which it works. As a fund manager and investment firm, our focus on impact measurement and management is designed to advance ethical, responsible investment practice, enable evidence-based decision-making and effective risk assessment and management as well as deliver financial returns to our investors.

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Assessing ESG

All our investments are screened & monitored using ESG practices.

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Contributing to Sustainablity

We map our investments to IMP impact classes and SDGs.

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Benefits & Professional Development

Focusing on Diversity

We employ data driven strategies to unlock the empowerment of women.

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Impact Governance

We value compliance with local & international laws & strong ethics as fundamental.

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Monitoring & Performance

Our impact measurement systems and data are designed to capture & track performance.

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Responsible Investing

There are companies we exclude from our investable universe.

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Companies who fail to increase gender diversity are carrying inherent risk in their business.”

Hiro Mizuno, Former Chief Investment Officer of Japan’s Government Investment Pension Plan, now UN Special Envoy on Innovative Finance and Sustainable Investments