When it comes to men’s and women’s access to opportunities, the level playing field is a myth.

Men consistently enjoy access that most women do not: to capital, leadership roles, business mentors, networks, secure and well-paid work. In addition, many women face gender-specific challenges that hamper their ability to take up work opportunities as they arise.

Research shows that investing in women’s progress is a pathway to significant and sustainable value, says Jennifer Buckley, the Founder and Managing Director of Sweef Capital. A key challenge is shifting deep gender norms and expectations that limit women’s potential contribution, argues Stephanie Copus Campbell, Australia’s Ambassador for Gender Equality, who says it’s imperative to continue engaging men and women as active partners in developing long-term solutions. Maya Juwita, workplace Gender Equality Director, Investing in Women, also shares her opportunity in promoting women’s economic empowerment and gender equality

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