Our Managing Director and Founder Jennifer Buckley is going to be taking part in a panel discussion with a moderator Diana Reeves and the other panelists Shantanu Mukerji,Jo Huang, and Anupum Khaitan  hosted by SuperReturn on the 19th to 22nd September 2023 at Marina Bay Sands.

The panel discussion, on main conference day 2, Buy-and-build strategies: easier said than done, is about the skillsets needed to execute buy-and-build strategies and gives insights on how GPs are remaining acquisitive and adding more businesses in the face of all-time high valuations. The discussion goes deeper and investigates if these strategies create synergies, value and lower the entry multiple. In addition, another topic is around on adding new capabilities to the company and whether this ultimately warrants a re-rating of the exit multiple. A lot of discoveries in these discussions that will lead to long awaited solutions.

At the event you will get to connect with 2,000+ decision-makers from 50+ countries
including 800+ LPs and 1,000+ GPs. Also, you can discover the latest in fundraising, AI & deep tech, private credit, value creation, the macro outlook & more. An event not to be missed – make new connections, gain new insight, and create new business.

For a free LP pass, apply here – https://informaconnect.com/superreturnasia/