Sweef Capital, in partnership with sustainability consultancy OnePointFive, has launched a new report on the integration of gender equality and climate action into impact investment strategies.

The report details the frameworks, methodologies, and outcomes of our partnership, which is aimed at addressing gender and climate issues at a systems level.

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Key themes addressed in the report include:

Holistic integration: Sweef Capital’s unique approach integrates climate and gender considerations into investment decisions, fostering sustainability and resilience across various sectors.
Synergy between gender and climate: Research shows a correlation between gender-smart businesses and their performance in climate-related metrics – Sweef Capital leverages this synergy to indirectly support climate goals by promoting diversity and gender equality in its investments.
Climate framework development: In collaboration with OnePointFive, Sweef Capital has developed a robust Climate Impact Assessment Framework that aligns investments with climate-conscious practices.
Partnerships for impact: The collaboration highlights the potential for innovative sustainability approaches, transforming business models to integrate climate preparedness into corporate strategies.
Continuous improvement: Sweef Capital emphasises the importance of regular assessments, including gender and climate-specific due diligence, to drive progress and ensure long-term impact and sustainability.

The report highlights the significant investment opportunities emerging at the intersection of climate and gender, and underscores the need to integrate these two areas to maximise positive social impacts and investment returns. It provides a real-world case study showcasing the early results of the integrated approach, and highlights the exceptional innovation and entrepreneurship of women as business leaders and climate stewards.

The report was produced with the assistance of the Australian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), and is intended to guide investors, entrepreneurs, policymakers, and advocates in promoting sustainability, gender equality, and climate resilience.

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