Join us on April 22, 2024 at 1pm EDT for a must-attend virtual forum titled Inclusion Forum: Prioritising inclusion and unlocking women’s potential using the Gender ROI™ Framework, where we will explore the eight dimensions of the Sweef Capital Gender ROITM Inclusion pillar. This session will be co-hosted by our Insight Series co-authors, Sana Kapadia, Formerly a Strategy Director of 2X Global, Nirjhor Rahman, CEO of Bangladesh Angels Investor Network and Andrea Ojeda, Head of Impact and ESG of Amplifica as they share insights on centering gender inclusivity in their work and leveraging the Gender ROI framework to drive meaningful change.

The session will focus on the different Inclusion dimensions within the Gender ROI™ framework and how you can use the framework to create an inclusive economic environment for women.

Please be prepared to share how your organisation is fostering inclusion for women and girls.