USM Healthcare

Established in 2012 by Ms Vo Xuan Boi Lam, USM Healthcare is a pioneering institution in Vietnam’s medical device manufacturing landscape. Focused primarily on cardiovascular products such as coronary stent systems, balloon catheters and intravenous catheters, USM Healthcare prides itself on being the first company in Vietnam to produce such high-technology medical devices.

By bolstering domestic manufacturing capabilities and offering affordable medical devices, USM Healthcare aims to enhance access to high-quality healthcare services for individuals on low to medium incomes.

USM Healthcare’s commitment to gender equality is evident in its workforce composition, with women accounting for 60 per cent of the total workforce. By empowering its workforce and investing in local production capabilities, USM Healthcare is enhancing healthcare outcomes and contributing to the professional development and economic empowerment of its employees.

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Sweef Capital’s investment in USM Healthcare will improve access to affordable, high-quality medical devices in Vietnam, enhancing healthcare outcomes, reducing mortality rates, especially those attributed to cardiovascular disease, and fostering the development of a resilient and innovative health sector by creating high-quality jobs.

SDG Targets

SDG #3

Industry innovation and infrastructure

SDG #9

Decent work and economic growth

SDG #8

Impact Targets

USM Healthcare aims to accomplish the following impact objectives:

  • More than double the number of medical devices sold per year, with a target of selling 69 million devices per year by 2027.
  • More than double the number of hospitals it supplies with medical devices, reaching a total of 1,000 new clients.
  • Continue to build resilience in Vietnam’s healthcare sector by training healthcare professionals through more than 40 sessions per year and spearheading innovative efforts internally.
  • Add an average of 11 full-time positions for women each year, resulting in at least 44 new high-quality, full-time jobs for women by 2027.

Gender ROI™

USM Gender ROI

USM’s Gender ROI™ baseline assessment generated an overall score of 3.8.

Resilience indicators generated a score of 4.0 from strong results in Women representation in business ownership, Gender wage equity and Workforce participation. Areas to improve on include Addressing climate risks and Gender disaggregated data in supply chains.

The score for Opportunity indicators is 3.5, which requires action on Gender diversity in recruitment, Gender lens in policies and strategies, and Gender-responsive procurement.

The Inclusion indicators generated a score of 3.9 and areas that need further improvement include Survivor-centred prevention and response to gender-based violence and harassment, and Gender equality beyond the workplace.

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