Nicole Pitter Patterson

Caribbean – Switzerland

Jennifer’s leadership has contributed to shaping the future of gender lens investing in small island states such as the Caribbean, with a key Sweef ROI focus on women in senior leadership. This role with Sweef Capital will drive new avenues and enhance expertise to increase capital commitments in sustainable finance which are critical for small island states.

Nicole has over 20 years of expertise, focused in the areas of women’s economic empowerment, inclusive finance for women’s entrepreneurship, SME growth and social enterprise development. As a Senior Consultant on women’s economic empowerment, she has supported programs across the Caribbean, MENA countries and across West Africa. She has also served as a speaker with the IFC on Gender + Climate, with the Caribbean Development Bank on trade and gender, and as Senior Technical Adviser in Ghana for women SMEs. Given her focus on innovative inclusive finance, she introduced the 2X Global, the global industry leader on gender lens financing to the Caribbean, resulting in the successful launch of the first 2X qualified gender lens investment fund in the Caribbean, engaging key partners such as UN Women, the Development Bank of Jamaica and the Caribbean Development Bank.

Her current portfolio includes enterprise training with the World Intellectual Property Organization and CARICOM. She serves on the Boards of the Caribbean Women in Trade and the Organization of Women in International Trade (UK) and is a member of Women in Sustainable Finance.