Quantifying the value women business owners, leaders and employees deliver, especially in care-related activities, is one way to attract the capital and opportunities women need to thrive at work and beyond. 

This grossly under-valued care contribution is now in the sights of policymakers, investors and entrepreneurs who recognise that taking ethical action to support women and their endeavours will progress value creation at a global scale, according to Sweef Capital Managing Director Jennifer Buckley. A long-standing leader in the field is 2X Global, which has conducted extensive research and analysis of the care economy, drawing on its pioneering work in gender, diversity and equity lens investment. Sana Kapadia, Strategy Director at 2X Global, says the care economy is still in its early stages so more work is needed to help investors understand the full market opportunity.

Read more about the benefits of investing in the care economy and its role as a lever for gender equality in this article, part of the Sweef Capital Gender ROITM Insight Series.  

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