Our Founder and Managing Director got invited to speak on a panel discussion at which focussed on healthcare in Asia.

Jennifer Buckley joined the panel, Investing in Healthcare Innovation as part of SALT iConnections Asia summit in November in Singapore. Lily Jin introduced the Asian context following up on her recent research in inclusive healthcare and kicked off the discussion by asking @Iris Wang why now is an opportune time to consider investing in China’s healthcare market, particularly with the latest healthcare innovations coming through there. The discussion then moved to Southeast Asia and the key drivers of investing in healthcare in the region led by @Hoda Aboa-Jamra. Jennifer Buckley, spoke about the gap in healthcare delivery systems which was intertwined with the establishment of Sweef Capital as the team looked to overcome how women were undervalued in the healthcare delivery systems globally as patients, care professionals and leaders. Dr Arsani Williams then discussed the life sciences risk assessment in the US and Asia and how to compare predictable cash flow considerations focusing more on large-scale manufacturing with the need for innovation.

Thank you to the organisers of SALT and Iconnections for giving us the space to talk about our perceptions based on our own experience in healthcare investing for impact in Southeast Asia as we strive to deliver more affordable, accessible and equitable healthcare delivery systems in the wider region.