TEKY Academy (TEKY)

TEKY Academy (TEKY)

TEKY is a leading multidisciplinary innovation academy in Vietnam that focuses on providing science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) programs for children aged five to 18 years. The company was founded by Ms. Dao Lan Huong in 2016 and currently operates 21 STEAM academies in five cities across Vietnam and has partnered with more than 45 schools. TEKY aims to empower the next generation by equipping them with digital literacy and technology skills, contributing to improved education outcomes and increased access to STEAM education. SWEEF’s investment will support the expansion of TEKY’s network of academies, further development of its digital platform and integration of a STEAM curriculum in public schools. This will enable wider reach and provide more students with an avenue to improve their critical thinking and acquire marketable employment skills and foundational capabilities for broader educational achievement.

Well aligned with SWEEF’s investment and impact criteria, TEKY’s scalable business model contributes to improved education outcomes and increased access to STEAM education. As an organisation, TEKY has the potential to demonstrate improved outcomes in diversity and gender equality as a women-led enterprise that provides opportunities to improve the livelihoods of women who make up majority of TEKY ’s workforce. TEKY aims to expand STEAM curriculum access to 186,000 Vietnamese students, improving their literacy, technology skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities, leading to marketable employment skills and educational achievements, while also creating opportunities for Vietnamese teachers and employees, particularly women, through gender-inclusive business practices.


“I’m excited about our expansion plan to open more STEAM centres across the country in the next two years and prospects of a partnership with public schools to integrate the STEAM curriculum and increase accessibility. With more than 22 million students in K-12, what we’re doing is really creating a blue ocean market, a chance for the whole team to grow a very scalable business and achieve great social impact at the same time.”

Ms. Dao Lan Huong