Ilman Dzikri

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Ilman Dzikri

Assistant Vice President


As part of the investment team, I work closely with the VP of Indonesia in building the deal pipelines, assessing, and analysing the potential deals, and working with portfolio companies. In addition, I am also responsible for managing and developing our junior members to become the next generation of investment professional in the region. Beyond the investment scope, I take the lead on expanding Sweef’s Capital network in my home country, Indonesia, by leveraging my extensive network in the Southeast Asia’s PE/VC ecosystem, the Indonesia’s technology sector, and the Indonesian government.

As the Assistant Vice President, l brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the dynamic landscape of private equity in Southeast Asia. With a focus on the dynamic and rapidly evolving market landscape in Southeast Asia, I play a pivotal role in shaping and executing investment strategies that drive value for our clients and portfolio companies. My professional career spans over 6 years in the technology and investment sector in the Southeast Asia. In my previous experience as an investment professional in a Southeast Asia’s leading Venture Capital firm, I have played an instrumental role in shaping the firm’s portfolio. Leveraging a deep understanding of the Southeast Asian market, my works have been pivotal in identifying high-potential companies, fostering strategic partnerships, and steering successful investment initiatives.

I completed a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a concentration in Finance at Judge Business School (JBS) at the University of Cambridge. My engagement extends beyond academics, including participation in the PE/VC Special Interest Group, representing Cambridge JBS in the Turner MBA Impact Investing Network, and receiving training from Bridges Impact Foundation & the Wharton School. My commitment to fostering international relations began at the University of Indonesia, where I earned a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations with a focus on Security Studies, graduating with honours.