Edward T. Jackson

President, E.T. Jackson and Associates


I support Sweef Capital’s commitment to push the frontiers of gender lens investing forward, which underscores the importance of women’s economic empowerment in enabling inclusive and sustainable development. My experience is as a management consultant, university professor and editor specialising in evaluation and ecosystem-building on both the supply and demand sides of impact investing, blended finance, and gender lens investing in emerging markets, which clearly demonstrate alignment in purpose and values.

My boutique management consulting firm, E. T. Jackson and Associates, provides professional services to development agencies, investment funds, foundations and universities in Africa, Asia, and the Americas, including Australian, Canadian, Danish, and Swiss development co-operation programs, the Mastercard and Rockefeller foundations, Caribbean Development Bank, Investing in Women, UN Women, and the World Bank.

As an academic and multidisciplinary scholar, I hold appointments as Senior Research Fellow at the Carleton Centre for Community Innovation at Carleton University, Adjunct Professor at the University of Ottawa (Canada), and Honorary Associate with the Institute of Development Studies in Brighton (UK).

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