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Gender inequality is a global challenge with profound implications for community development, economic prosperity, and overall quality of life.

In this context, the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) places significant emphasis on promoting gender equity in its development finance projects across various sectors, including climate, health, and technology. DFC is deeply committed to addressing the unique challenges faced by women globally and recognizing the immense economic opportunities they represent. As part of this commitment, DFC’s 2X Women’s Initiative has played a pivotal role in channeling investments into projects owned or led by women or those that empower women through innovative financial solutions. This initiative, informed by a gender lens, has not only exceeded its initial goals but has also inspired similar efforts worldwide, including the 2X Challenge with a new target of $15 billion for gender-lens investment. In line with these objectives, DFC initiated the 2X Technical Assistance Program (2XTAP) Facility to support organizations aiming to advance gender equality.

This initiative seeks to assist private sector clients in integrating gender considerations into their operations, fostering gender-responsive changes such as enhancing female leadership and creating products tailored to women’s diverse needs. Explore early results from Sweef Capital’s work with Caspian Debt, a dynamic Indian financial institution with a rich history of financial services spanning over two decades.

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This case study offers a glimpse into Caspian’s transformative journey towards gender inclusivity, driven by their participation in the 2XTA Facility. It underscores the importance of collaborative efforts to create a more equitable world, one where organizations like Caspian are leading the way in empowering women and driving positive change. For questions about this project, the Gender ROI™ methodology, or this case study, please reach out to Brianna Losoya-Evora, Head of Impact Measurement and Management, Sweef Capital.

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