Market Insights from Sweef Capital – Climate Resilience – February 2022

The crises of climate change and issues on gender inequality compound each other and the solutions are symbiotic. Women can be key contributors to climate action and resilience. In this market insight report, we demonstrate that a focus on equality and gender has to be an integral part of the response to the climate crisis. 

Climate change is one of the defining challenges of our times.  Changes in the earth’s temperature are producing wildfires and other natural disasters, changes in weather patterns, sea level rise, biodiversity loss, pandemics, which in turn are putting stress on agricultural and health systems, livelihoods, economies and causing displacement and other suffering.  Responding to the climate crisis and halting its progression will require difficult decisions and changes to how we live and work.

As acknowledged in the preamble to the Paris Agreement, only a just transition – to sustainable industries and  inclusive of workers and communities – will ensure resilient economies. Ensuring the needs and opportunities for women and the implications climate action on gender equality will be central to achieving a just transition Climate-related projects and policies that involve women have proven to be more effective and deliver better environmental outcomes. Conversely, projects and investments implemented without women’s meaningful participation are less effective and often aggravate existing gender inequalities.  With the right tools, the just transition can present opportunities for closing existing and emerging gender gaps. 

Around the globe, ambitious development pledges have been made by countries including the UK, US and Belgium recognising the deep connection between dual challenges of gender inequality and climate change. Recognising this connection, the COP26 Presidency funded six female negotiators representing less-developed countries to participate and attend COP26.

Just as the issues intersect, so will the solutions.  A focus on equality and gender has to be an integral part of the response to the climate crisis. Gender responsive climate actions can strengthen climate and environmental outcomes and, often, are also a business and market opportunity. Sweef Capital seeks to empower women to address the climate emergency and unlock economic and social benefits for whole communities.