Our Vice President of Indonesia, Samantha Tedjosugondo, recently attended the The Good Times event hosted by Hi Incubator. This event was focused on fostering innovation and growth within the innovation ecosystem, particularly among small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), businesses, investments, and government sectors.

During the event, Samantha Tedjosugondo, participated in an insightful panel discussion on the topic of ‘Ecosystem Stories from Indonesia.’ She was joined by Nino Fernandez, Founder & CEO of Kruuu, and Christian Sutardi, Co-Founder of Kopi Kenangan and Kopital Ventures. The discussion was expertly moderated by Arifin Putra.

Samantha Tedjosugondo shared her personal journey towards impact investing, highlighted key trends and opportunities within Indonesia’s investment landscape, and discussed the challenges of running investment funds in Indonesia.

We’re proud of Samantha’s contributions to such an important dialogue and excited about the innovative future she envisions for Indonesia!