Criterion Institute

Criterion Institute is the leading think tank focused on using finance as a tool for social change. At the forefront of sustainable investing, Criterion Institute played a central role in defining the field of gender lens investing catalysing different stakeholders to claim their role in building the field.

Early collaboration with Criterion Institute informed Sweef Capital’s gender lens investment strategy and was integral in the development of its framework towards diversity as a value driver. This is heavily supported by the research-based Oxfam Women’s Economic Empowerment Framework identifying critical factors that ascertain women’s economic empowerment. In addition, Criterion Institute supported the development the Gender Equality Scorecard and the Manual, as well as promoting the tool in the global impact and gender lens community.

Sweef Capital is now collaborating with Criterion Institute on demonstrating how to address power dynamics in investment processes and actively participates in Criterion’s annual Convergence. For 2021, Criterion Institute is hosting the Convergence XVIII: Financing the Reduction of Gender-based Violence.