Contributing To Sustainable Future

We believe in the universal intent of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Our investments are mapped to the IMP impact classes and are selected to contribute positive effects for stakeholders and where possible contributing solutions to societal challenges and sustainable development which we actively measure and manage. Each product we bring to market has clear portfolio level performance goals across one or more of these SDGs.

Sweef Capital investments are selected to contribute positively to sustainable development and are actively managed and measured to optimise impact.

Mapped to the Impact Management Project, each investment we make is assessed on the different impact classes –  Act to Avoid Harm, deliver Benefit to Stakeholders and Contribute Solutions that meet the needs of people and our planet. Our investment processes and impact management are integrated end to end. Our investment team works actively with enterprises right through the process from origination to exit, applying clear metrics at each stage. We work actively with our portfolio enterprises to set performance- based goals that link to our portfolio level goals and SDG related targets and measures and their impact on outcomes for women and girls.

Our approach to ESG standards enables us to gain deeper insights into the risk and opportunities facing businesses we are investing in, and delivering greater value for investors and other stakeholders through effective identification and management of multi-factor risks which arise from ESG exposures.