Feminist finance forum day1 featured session scaling the orange movement building a gender inclusive financial system and catalyzing growth for women focused sme

What an extraordinary gathering! The Feminist Finance Forum 2024 stands as a meticulously curated event, bringing together a diverse array of stakeholders—from government officials to investors spanning the full spectrum of capital, alongside agencies and entrepreneurs. Amidst the vibrant discussions, a powerful call to action resounded, bolstering the collaborative endeavours to enhance women’s well-being, particularly the intersectionality of gender equality, climate resilience and the care economy.


The Sweef team took part in the following sessions:


At the Pension Fund Workshop, speakers included Jennifer Buckley, Robert van Zwieten, Rasmus Juhl Pederson, and moderator Caitlin Medley. The workshop served as a platform for identifying constraints and providing an overview of the current GLI market, along with solutions for adopting a GLI strategy for pension funds.


Rowena Reyes was a speaker at a session titled ‘Making Banks Work for Women: Closing the Gender Gap in Financial Inclusion’. The workshop aimed to strengthen the ability of FSPs to deliver appropriate, commercially viable women-centred financial products and services, allowing them to tap into a large, as-yet unserved target market.


Jennifer Buckley attended a session by Value for Women where investors and women entrepreneurs led the conversation on tackling gender bias along the investment process, particularly when seeking venture capital funding


However, amidst the camaraderie, it was essential to confront challenging questions. What more can be done? These inquiries were crucial for assessing our current position and acknowledging the strides made thus far. They represented a critical step in sustaining momentum and progressing further along the journey towards gender equality.